New Mum Checklist: Everything You Need To Prepare For Your Newborn

New Mum Checklist: Everything You Need To Prepare For Your Newborn

Being a first-time mum may be overwhelming, especially when it comes to shopping for you and your baby. More likely than not, you’ll end up needing more stuff than what online articles, your friends or family have told you to buy.  At the same time, it may also be tempting to purchase something you don’t need from a wide selection of baby equipment. 
Not to worry, Our Little Lamb has come up with a list of the most important items to help you carry out your new role. 

  • Cleanliness 

An infant’s immune system does not mature until around 2 to 3 months, so you must always prioritize their hygiene. Nappies, changing pads, and bathing essentials such as mild soap, a baby tub, and soft towels are some basic baby care items to keep your baby clean. Grooming items such as baby wipes, cotton swabs, and nail clippers can also protect your baby from germs and viruses especially on days when their skin needs to rest from bathing. 
Another important factor to keep your baby free from diseases is to keep his/her environment sanitary by disinfecting items and surfaces they come in contact with. Baby bottles must always be cleaned with warm water or a bottle sterilizer, while pillows, blankets, sheets and mattresses must be regularly washed and changed. 

  • Comfort 

Infants are also sensitive to changes in temperature, so it is important to buy them at least six pairs of clothes for both warm and cold environments. It’s also useful to have mittens and socks to keep their hands and feet warm in air-conditioned places.  A digital thermometer is also useful to keep around in case your baby feels unwell or warmer than usual.  
When it comes to bedtime, a pacifier can help comfort your baby into sleeping, giving you more time to rest. Similarly, a cozy crib or bassinet will help to put your baby at ease.  

  • Safety & Security 

As much as you always want to keep an eye on your baby, you will also need to attend to other responsibilities. Installing a baby monitor connected to your smartphone will help you check on your child while you are going about your daily life during her sleep. 
For visits to the doctor and other trips outside the house, you’ll want to bring a baby bag to store all your baby’s immediate needs, as well as a stroller and infant car seat so your baby rides in comfort wherever you need to go.  

  • Nourishment 

Nursing may be the most challenging part of motherhood post-pregnancy. To alleviate the pain of breastfeeding, it may be useful to apply a lanolin-based nipple cream before and after every session. A nursing pillow will also save you from having to carry your baby in your arms the entire time he/she is being fed. 
Should you need to feed your child in public, it helps to wear a nursing bra and a loose nursing gown so you can easily nurse your baby without having to remove your top. At the same time, wearing nursing and maternity pads can help protect your clothes from leaks and stains, and save you from doing extra laundry.  
In cases where you cannot be physically available for your child, feeding him/her with your own milk is still possible with the help of a breast pump. While infant formula is a good alternative for mothers who find it difficult to produce milk, breast milk is rich in nutrients and antibodies that serve as your baby’s first line of defence against malnutrition and illnesses. 

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