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The story begins.. Being a global strategic procurement professional for years and looking forward for further progression become a far reach aspirations for the Founder when he became a retrenchment victim at the age marching towards retirement. He decided to re-charge a direction for himself by utilising his knowledge, experience, skills and abilities to contribute directly to more people ( in fact, more mothers and babies) instead of limiting himself to within a singular company. With limited resources, there is only one way… forward moving. Having years of experience in sourcing Quality mother and baby products, OurLittleLamb eShop was formed.   Why the lamb? many would asked.. Many would know that lamb is the little baby of sheep, the Founder like little white lamb. The pure white fleece liken to the innocence and purity of a baby. This shop starts as authorised distributor for Horigen Singapore in distributing Horigen breast pumps and and will grow to provide more products. Bookmark this page and come back for more surprises. It strive to bring products directly from factories whom have been supplying to world re-known brands (under private labeling or OEM, ODM). As such, you will get equivalent quality product as the re-known brands though it is now marketed as a smaller brands which are sold usually in USA or some local regions. Hope for your continual support and feel free to leave us a message for the products you would like to see in this website.    
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