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How does Passive$$$ works?

The best way to explain is by imagining a real-life scenario:

Step 1 – Affiliate Marketer Finds A Product To Solve Their Audiences Problem

Let’s imagine that you as an affiliate finds a product or service that suits their website niche (a niche is simply an area of expertise or focus) or forum group interest or blog post subject.

The product or service must also provides a solution to a problem your target audience tends to encounter.

Step 2 – Affiliate Marketer Creates Some Content

You starts to write/video/podcast about the product/service related content.

Each time you mention the products/service, you add an affiliate link whereby a user can make a purchase through.

So far, so good.

Step 3 – Customer Commences Searching For Product/Service Related Information

A common scenario would be:

Enter the customer, Eugenie.

Eugenie is searching for product comparison or review content about a product she wishes to buy.

Eugenie performs a search in Google and comes across a blog post or a Youtube demonstration etc created by you, the affiliate.

After reading/listening/watching your review Eugenie decides that this product is for her

Step 4 – Customer Clicks On Affiliate Link

Eugenie clicks on your affiliate link and a cookie (which will last for 30 days) is dropped onto her laptop recording that she came to the merchant’s website as a result of clicking your link.

Step 5 – Customer Makes A Purchase

Liking what she sees on the website, she decides to make a purchase.

As she does so, OurLittleLamb spots the affiliate cookie on Eugenie’s laptop.

Step 6 – Merchant Credits You With A Sale And Pays You Commission

The cookie informs OurLittleLamb that Eugenie came to the website via your link.

You have now made your first sale.

OurLittleLamb then logs a credit for this sale into your account at 10% of Eugenie’s net purchases.

This process repeats itself over the course of a month.

At month end, OurLittleLamb sends payment to the you for all the sales that were made, subject to the minimum sum rule of SGD100.

Why join OurLittleLamb Affiliate programme “Passive$$$”?

OurLittleLamb Affiliate Marketing programme “Passive$$$” allows for Maximum Flexibility
This is system allows you to create digital content such as podcasts, videos, reviews, chats, emails or blog posts when and where it suits you. It lets you create a better work/life balance that suits you and you can essentially become a digital nomad who can work wherever you want.

You just need an internet connection.

What is difference between Reward$$$ and Passive$$$?

Reward$$$ is a programme target rewarding customers, injecting fun factor and sharing real discounts to customers.

In this programme, anyone can sign up an account in OurLittleLamb website. In doing so, immediately they receive welcome gift of 100 Reward $$$ and 15% discount code (which can be use for 2 times purchases) . Under this initiative, we have an Earn as you Shop scheme where customers earn Reward $$$ as they purchase at the rate of 1 SGD dollar = 1 Reward $$$. Customers can also earn additional 20 Reward $$$ by participating in providing product reviews/comments or simply by referring a friend with their referral code/link. Customer will be also rewarded with 100 Reward $$$ each when they actively contributing their experience or knowledge to OurLittleLamb by submitting lifestyle picture with our product along side a write up using Contact-Us form(only approved articles are rewarded to prevent plagarism and avoid copy-right issue, all submitted materials remains property of OurLittleLamb as marketing and publication).

Reward $$$ can be redeem at checkout as real dollar discount at rate of 100 Reward $$$ = SGD2.

Passive$$$ is a an affiliate marketing programme targeting to people whom are active user in social medias, chat groups, forums, own a website or simply just active 🙂 and wish to earn passive income as they share.

In this programme, once approved as affiliate, affiliate can share their affiliate link via chats, social media posting, embedding in website as a link. Whenever customer purchases something from within these links, a certain % commission from the sales will be credited to affiliate account. Affiliate need not to do any other tasks other than spreading their affiliate link. When a customer click on the shared affiliate link, a cookies will reside in the customer’s computer or mobile for 30 days, within this period, purchase performed by the customer will have commission captured in their affiliate account. In situation where a customer receive 2 or more affiliate links and click on them, the last affiliate link will be the one capturing the commission. Every end of month, OurLittleLamb will disburse fund through PAYNOW to affiliates and reset account to zero earning subject to a minimum of 100SGD, any lesser than 100SGD will be carry over for accumulation and no pay out for that month.

Passive$$$: Is there any investment or membership fees involved?

In order to recruit REAL and Keen individuals who believe in affiliate marketing and wanting to earn passive income, there is a token amount of SGD10.

What we need from you?

  1. Sign up an affiliate account.
  2. PAYNOW to UEN53227177K a token sum of SGD10 indicate your user name.
  3. Once received PAYNOW fund, we will approve your affiliate account sign up.
  4. You can start to share your affiliate link (found within your personal affiliate account page) in your websites, forum chats, posts or marketing materials.
  5. A cookie which last for 30 days will reside in customers’ computer whenever they click your shared link, ensuring commission is credited to you within this period whenever they purchase.
  6. Regularly check your affiliate account page
  7. Regularly post marketing post, chat to increase circle of influence and increase earning.

Is Passive$$$ a MLM scheme?

Nope. This is not a Multi-Level Marketing scheme.

OurLittleLamb’s affiliate marketing programme is coined as Passive $$$ as it allow marketer to earn some percentage off the total sales whenever their referred customer purchases something from the website.

It is a form of Passive Income (thus the programme named Passive $$$) where affiliates often can use email marketing, webinars, whatsapps, any kind of chatting platforms, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platforms to promote products. In fact, anywhere where a marketer can get an opportunity to capture a potential customers’ attention can be an affiliate marketing opportunity.

What is OurLittleLamb’s Affiliate Program “Passive $$$”?

OurLittleLamb Affiliate Program is called Passive $$$. It is a legitimate affiliate marketing methodology with revenue sharing model where certain % against each sales is rewarded to the referring affiliate/marketer. In fact, with social media getting more and more popular, almost everyone can benefit from this mode of earning passive income.

A quick Google search will define affiliate marketing as follows:

“A marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.”

Passive $$$ provide an opportunity for earning repeated Passive Income where affiliates often can use email marketing, webinars, whatsapps, any kind of chatting platforms, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platforms to promote products. In fact, anywhere where a marketer can get an opportunity to capture a potential customers’ attention can be an affiliate marketing opportunity.

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