I have been using Horigen Chicture Double Electic Pump for a month or so. This pump is definitely replace my number 1 S1 pump and I am loving it.
Say bye to milk duct, say bye to waste milk of hand express!
Felicia Soh
Felicia Soh
Why didn’t I get to know this pump earlier? Its really super good !
It suck out all my milk so efficiently!
My boobs feel so empty so quickly compared to my Spectra.
Your one stop avenue for all breastfeeding essentials @ ourlittlelamb.com
I love the Horigen Chicture Double Electric Pump because it has great features about the individual adjust left or right pressure. Highly recommend for those have different nipples size or sensitive breasts mummy. The size of the pump also convenience to bring out! Besides, the price is reasonable!
Sophia Law
Been using the chicture double pump for about 3 weeks.
the low suction setting of 1-3 is effective for me.
Reasonably priced as well.
Jade Monster
Ourlittlelamb has a fantastic service. Their delivery is very fast (I placed my order yesterday evening, and got my items at noon today!) and the customer service is really very great with friendly staff! Plus, the Horigen pumps are also very good and highly recommended!
Hana Quinn
Love my experience with Ourlittlelamb, their customer is good, is really good. They reply mine queries, troubleshoot fast as I am in need of using the pump. Chicture’s rectangular shape can fit into most handbag too !
Felicia Soh
Felicia Soh
I also get Horigen Chicture Double Electric Pump, because it has a wonderful feature that you can individually adjust left/right pressure. Absolutely love this feature. As I have problem with my right breast, always takes longer to clear. With other pump I can only clear both breasts in 20 mins. Usually my left breast gotta wait for my right breast to be cleared, ended up I over emptied my left by the time I clear my right. With this pump, I can clear both within 10 mins. And the silicone flange also makes the pumping more comfortable.
I would recommend this to Mommies who just started pumping journey or have sensitive breasts like me. The most important is the price is reasonable compared to other pumps.
Zoe Wong
Purchased their Chicture 2212MB and it was amazing! Pump comes with dual pumps and has 9 adjustable suction levels! It is light and easy to carry too, highly recommend!
Cheryl Lynn Wong


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