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Chicture Double Electric Breast Pump Model 2212MB

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Cheery bright yellow just like Minions 🙂

This one offer unique feature which allow mothers to independently set left and right breast pumping pressure. This is especially good for NEW mothers and mothers with sensitive nipples.

Imagine those moments you have engorgement or crack nipples and wishes to have differing pressure settings between the 2 sides.. this is definitely a life saver..

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  • ONE and ONLY in Singapore Germany award winning patented 3D pumping Technology-soft silicone flange to imitate baby’s natural sucking
  • Hospital grade and meet EN/IEC60601 medical standard
  • Local warranty in Singapore. Warranty registration at
  • 2 Phase Expression : Stimulation & Expression 
  • Closed system with anti backflow
  • Clear illuminated screen display real-time status with touch panel
  • Single pumping (Left or Right) or Dual pumping selectable
  • 9 adjustable suction levels for both stimulation and expression mode
  • Left / Right Suction pressure can be individually control
  • Low noise at <=50db(A)
  • 2 Ways Power supply : by AC adapter or built-in 1750mAH rechargeable li-ion battery
  • 3D breastshield funnel comes with different design for different size.. default retail standard package in  is 24mm (model 107) which is also sold to Europe and USA.
  • Retail pack content: contains
    • 1 set of main pump
    • 1 user manual
    • 1 charger
    • 2 set of breastshield kits, each set of breastshield kit comes with :
      • 1 set of 3D breast shield kit complete with wide neck bottle and tubing with connectors for immediate usage
      • 1 piece of milk bottle stand
      • 1 set of milk bottle cap+teat+cover
      • 1 piece of wide to standard neck milk bottle adapter
      • 2 pieces of white membrane (spare)
      • 1 piece of tubing (spare)
      • 1 piece of tubing connector (spare)
Weight1.89 kg
Dimensions310 × 197 × 233 cm


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