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Food Storage Vacuum Bag Sous Vide 15 bags

Food Storage Vacuum Bag Sous Vide 15 bags


Whether you are practicing sous vide cooking or just for food storage purposes, this zipper bag is what you are looking for!

The food grade raw material used make it possible to cook a meal with it sous vide style.

Its vacuum feature helps extend storage life of food and ingredients, vegetable, meat, seafood, cook food, frozen food and left-over meal.

The portable vacuum pump allow you to even immediately vacuum pack a takeaway, or bringing that sandwich to work..

Get this item if you need more bags, presuming a repeat buy which you already have the vacuum pump and need more bags to organise your fridge.

Note: This listing sell ONLY bags without the manual pump. 

Availability: 89 in stock (can be backordered)

1) Takes just few seconds to seal and pump out the air through the valve, making food storage simpler, better organisation and keeping food fresh longer.
2) These bags are easy to clean with vinegar, dish-washing soap and warm water before storing it in a clean and dry place for re-using again.
3) These bags are built for freezer (up to -20degreeC) and microwave (max high heat 1 min).
*note: when reheat in microwave, be sure to open zipper.
4) These bags are good for storing food in freezer yet preventing freezer burn as well as sous vide cooking and microwave reheating.

1) Keeping food Fresh up to 5 times longer: Meat, Vegetables, Snacks, Cereal, Baby Food, Fruits, Meal left-over, etc
2) Great as Reusable food storage bags or sandwich bags or meal bags when you go to work, for a fishing trip, etc
3) Great Space saving and Organised storage in freezer and cabinet, no more worries about having unidentified expired food 🙂
4) Can even immediately vacuum pack a takeaway.. 🙂 preserving that crispy fries :p

1) Compatible with all immersion cooker, such as Anova, ChefSteps, Joule, Wancle cooker as well as all Sous Vide Container.
2) Recommended for Sous vide cooking <=70degreeC
3) Great gift for the sous vide cooking amateur or your lover.

1) The reinforced zipper and high quality air valve ensures an airtight seal, keeps food fresh and avoids bacteria.
2) The bag is made of Lead-free, BPA-free, food grade double layered laminated PE plastic material, tested against REACH and FDA approved.
3) It comes with writable white label area for ease of storage management, example first-in-first-out by indicating storage date

Color: Blue
Material: Food Grade, BPA free PE Laminated
Package Contents:
1* manual vacuum pump
5* vacuum sealed bags(21*21.7cm)
5* vacuum sealed bags(25.6*28cm)
5* vacuum sealed bags(25.6*34cm)


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