MeCoo Ultra Slim Disposable Nursing Pad Singular Pack

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“Unbelievable!”, “Its like magic !”, “So thin and Soft!”, “Amazing!”

These are exclaimation received whenever a product demo was performed.

This nursing pad quickly absorb up to 100ml  of water within a minute.

even with 80ml absorbency, the surface of pad remains very dry and do not leak.

Its a MUST TRY product every mothers should have

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  • Recommended as one of thinnest, high absorbency and fast drying nursing pad in Singapore
  • Alternative usage as anti-perspiration pad to keep sensitive area clean and dry
  • Ultra thin at 0.75mm
  • High Absorbency up to 100ml
  • Quick to Dry within 1 minute
  • Patented 3D Leak Guard Technology
  • Honey-combed design
  • Soft and Gentle to skin
  • Individually wrapped and manufactured in clean room environment
  • 60 pieces in one retail pack
Weight0.23 kg
Dimensions125 × 105 × 135 cm


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