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Modish Multi-functional Breast Pump cum Cooler Bag


Modish Multi-functional Breast Pump cum Cooler Bag

$80.00 $40.00

This bag cleverly provide convenience to mothers whom need to breast pumping on the go.

It have separate detachable compartment one for breast pump & accessories, another for storing expressed milk in the cooler bag

This bags comes with bottles and cooling element for immediate usage.

It is suggested however to consider pumping directly into disposable milk storage bags which is both space saving and lighter :p

  • This bag comes in pink and blue version.
  • Multi-functional bag for storage breast pump and as a cooler bag
  • Able to storage breast pump in the top compartment and keeping expressed milk fresh at the lower compartment
  • The split bag function allow mothers to keep the lower compartment cooler bag in fridge after breast pumping while stove the breast pump and accessories in the top compartment.
  • Good for working mothers.
  • cooler bag can kept cool minimum 8 hours.
  • Content:
    1. 1 piece of bag (top: breast pump storage bag, below: cooler bag)
    2. 4 pieces of cooling element 
    3. 4 pieces of 120ml milk bottle with enclosing cap



Blue, Pink


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