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Reward $$$ Programme

What is difference between Reward$$$ and Passive$$$?

Reward$$$ is a programme target rewarding customers, injecting fun factor and sharing real discounts to customers.

In this programme, anyone can sign up an account in OurLittleLamb website. In doing so, immediately they receive welcome gift of 100 Reward $$$ and 15% discount code (which can be use for 2 times purchases) . Under this initiative, we have an Earn as you Shop scheme where customers earn Reward $$$ as they purchase at the rate of 1 SGD dollar = 1 Reward $$$. Customers can also earn additional 20 Reward $$$ by participating in providing product reviews/comments or simply by referring a friend with their referral code/link. Customer will be also rewarded with 100 Reward $$$ each when they actively contributing their experience or knowledge to OurLittleLamb by submitting lifestyle picture with our product along side a write up using Contact-Us form(only approved articles are rewarded to prevent plagarism and avoid copy-right issue, all submitted materials remains property of OurLittleLamb as marketing and publication).

Reward $$$ can be redeem at checkout as real dollar discount at rate of 100 Reward $$$ = SGD2.

Passive$$$ is a an affiliate marketing programme targeting to people whom are active user in social medias, chat groups, forums, own a website or simply just active 🙂 and wish to earn passive income as they share.

In this programme, once approved as affiliate, affiliate can share their affiliate link via chats, social media posting, embedding in website as a link. Whenever customer purchases something from within these links, a certain % commission from the sales will be credited to affiliate account. Affiliate need not to do any other tasks other than spreading their affiliate link. When a customer click on the shared affiliate link, a cookies will reside in the customer’s computer or mobile for 30 days, within this period, purchase performed by the customer will have commission captured in their affiliate account. In situation where a customer receive 2 or more affiliate links and click on them, the last affiliate link will be the one capturing the commission. Every end of month, OurLittleLamb will disburse fund through PAYNOW to affiliates and reset account to zero earning subject to a minimum of 100SGD, any lesser than 100SGD will be carry over for accumulation and no pay out for that month.

What are ways of earning Reward $$$?

There are few ways for customers to earn more Reward $$$

  1. Upon signing up an account, customer immediately awarded a welcome gift of 100 Reward $$$ and 15% discount coupon which you can use for 2 time.
  2. Each customer has a unique referral link (located within My account page – Point tab). Customer can share this link to friends and earn 20 Reward $$$ each time a friend sign up account at OurLittleLamb using the shared link. These Reward $$$ are credited automatically whenever a friend sign up and can be check at My Account page Point tab.
  3. Each product review within OurLittleLamb website will earn 50 Reward $$$
  4. Submit a Lifestyle picture with any of OurLittleLamb product with a short write up/article through Contact Us form: Each approved article/write up will earn 100 Reward $$$.
A) Submit Through Contact us form
B) Original article in Microsoft word format, no plagiarism
C) Article can be experience or knowledge sharing
D) Lifestyle picture must be original with OurLittleLamb's product
E) Only approved submission are awarded Reward $$$
F) OurLittleLamb reserve the right to utilise the article in our website and social media.

Is there any restriction to Reward $$$?

Reward $$$ is only credited to customer account when the order is paid, delivered and completed.

  1. There is a maximum utilisation limit of 5000 Reward $$$ within one purchase order.
  2. Reward $$$ can be utilised on sales items as well.
  3. Reward $$$ have expiry period of 90 days from date of earning.
  4. Reward $$$ is not transferrable.

What is the conversion rate of Reward $$$?

Customers earn 1 Reward $$$ with each dollar spent on their purchases, these Reward $$$ are credited into their account when the order is paid, delivered and completed.

At redemption during Checkout, 100 Reward $$$ can be used to redeem for 2 dollar discount. Customers can utilise their Reward $$$ to even redeem for a product fully (without paying additional cash) as long as there are sufficient Reward $$$, up to a max limit of 5000 Reward $$$ within one purchase order.

Reward $$$ is not transferrable.

Customers can see their Reward $$$ history and transaction from within their MyAccount page.

What is Reward $$$ Programme?

This is a Customer experience reward programme conceived by OurLittleLamb to inject more fun factor into Registered customers’ shopping experience.

This Earn as you Shop initiatives allow Registered customers to earn Reward$$$ each time they purchase something at the rate of 1SGD spent = 1 Reward $$$.

With sufficient Reward $$$, Registered customer can redeem them into real dollar discount at checkout during their next purchases.

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